Thursday, 17 December 2015

Fistula Ksharsutra Treatment For Varied Anal Disorders

If you are suffering from chronic rectal diseases and are not getting relief from a long term, then it's advised to go for an Ayurvedic treatment that can be highly effective for the patients. It's feasible to  cure all types of rectal disorders by Ayurvedic methods and treatments. There is no need to do surgery because all the rectal problems in humans can be treated without surgery by using Ayurveda treatments. Ayurveda is a science that gives positive results for most body problems and vital rectal diseases in the human body right from the root cause. In India, there are many Ayurveda centres that offer the best fistula ksharsutra treatment for diseases like piles, fissure, pilonidal sinus etc. Some best rectal treatments offered by the reputed Ayurvedic centres in India are as follows -

Anal Fissure Treatment
Fissure is a kind of cut injury or scratches that occur in the anal canal that happens during passing hard stool. The symptoms of this anal problem includes unusual pain at anus while passing stool, bleeding at the rectal place, burning or itching etc. If one is facing such symptoms, then patient needs to go for immediate treatment. The patients who want to avoid surgical option of this problem, they can go for fissure ayurveda treatment that is effective in this case as well. Ayurveda science is also effective in such problems and heal anal fissure by ksharkarma, which give good result in this matter.

Pilonidal Sinus Treatment
Pilonidal Sinus is a swelling that happens at the lower spinal region of the body. This problem is mainly seen in adults. The swelling may turns into sinus tracts or small pores that give immense pain and need immediate treatment. There is also scope of this body disorder in Ayurveda science. There are many Ayurveda centres in India, which offer pilonidal sinus treatment without any surgery. The treatment is done by ksharasutra that is non-surgical method of treatment. It is done by introducing medicated thread into pores. This thread is coated with effective medicines that work strongly to cure the problem by repairing the damaged tissues of the affected body part.

Fistula Ksharsutra Treatment
Fistula is a kind of nodular swelling around the anal region of the body. This swelling gets immense pain at anal side due to pus or water discharge. Fistula is still a challenge for the surgeons but there is scope in Ayurveda through Ksharsutra treatment that is an effective mode than surgery. Many Ayurveda centres in India provide the best fistula Ksharsutra treatment for the patients. This mode of treatment is highly suitable and is done by introducing ksharsutra thread that is applied on the affected area of anal.


  1. I have fistula anal problem please assist me and send the answer this email.
    Best regards Houssein

  2. I have fistula anal problem please assist me and send the answer this email.
    Best regards Houssein

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