Friday, 5 February 2016

Avail the Best Treatment for Fistula at Susharuta Ano-Rectal Institute Ayurveda Centre in Delhi

Are you suffering from fistula, an anal disease and want quality treatment for it without any surgical operation? You need to adopt the useful anal treatments available in Ayurveda. There are many fistula Ayurvedic treatment hospitals are available in India, which are offering vital treatments for fistula without surgery. For instance, one name as Susharuta Ano-Rectal Institute Ayurveda Centre, located at Delhi, India, is one of the reputed Ayurvedic centres in Delhi/NCR. The centre is known for ultimate treatments of variety of anal disorders or diseases by Ayurvedic therapies and medicines without any surgery. The centre has some experienced Ayurvedic doctors and medical professionals, who are highly qualified and have experience in treating varied anal diseases like fistula, piles, fissure, and pilonidal sinuses. All these types of anal diseases can be cured without surgery, as Ayurveda has multiple solutions for such anal problems.

In case of fistula, Ayurveda has effective treatment of it and may cure this anal problem in people with ease. There is no need to do surgery, as Ayurveda therapies and medicines can work out better to get rid of this anal problem easily. Fistula is a kind of small nodular swelling that arises around the anal region of human body. This swelling gets more pain at its peak stage and sometimes pus or water discharge situation also encounters that gives more pain to patient. The above Ayurveda centre is a right source to avail optimum Ayurvedic treatment for fistula from scratch. The centre includes some pioneer Ayurveda specialists, who have ample of experience in treating fistula without surgery. Patients suffering from fistula need to approach the centre in Delhi and avail  the best fistula Ayurvedic treatment offered by the centre wisely.

The treatment suggested for fistula in Ayurveda is about Ksharsutra, that is a new VAFT or MAFT method advised by modern era surgeons for curing fistula in anal. Ksharsutra is a medicated thread that is pre- coated with apamarg, churna, haridra, kshara etc., with snuhi ksheer as a binding agent. This medicinal thread is then introduced in the swelling nodes and then keeps it inside for a few days. There would be a regular routine check up of the swelling that will surely go down and finally disappear, as the thread inside works effectively and kill the harmful facts with better effect. Also, the doctors also give some Ayurvedic medicines for fistula to treat it easily with no surgery. Hence, it's all about treatment of fistula offered by Susharuta Ano-Rectal Institute Ayurveda Centre, in Delhi at affordable charges. Similarly, the centre is providing better treatment for other anal diseases by using Ayuvedic therapies and medicines as well. So, needy patients may approach to the centre in Delhi and can get rid of their all types of anal problems with ease.

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